Ella & Jo 3 In 1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist 100ml


Ella & Jo 3 In 1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist 100ml

Ella & Jo Hydrating Spray is a soothing facial spritz with extracts of Chamomile, Cucumber, Witch-hazel, Aloe Vera & Green Tea. Specially formulated with mild ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid to help hydrate, condition and protect the skin.

A facial skin mist with the key hero ingredient Hyaluronic acid, designed to add hydration to the skin instantly and to be used pre and post make up and for best results use throughout the day – a skin saviour.

The mist Plumps, Hydrates and Sets and is a one of a kind skin solution.

Who is it for?

Basically anyone that has skin and wants a healthy, youthful complexion. Female & Male, all ages, all skin types. Suitable during pregnancy & breastfeeding.  (Just be sure to patch test if you are sensitive to any of the listed ingredients).

90% of people have dehydrated skin regardless if you are dry, oily, combination or sensitive. Dehydration of the skin causes premature fine lines & wrinkles, flaking, tightness & dullness so if you recognise any of the skin issues listed, this product is a game changer.

Can be used on it’s own or under & over makeup

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