Sterimar Congestion Relief 100ml


Provides natural relief from nasal congestion (common colds, rhinopharyngitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis).

Sterimar Hypertonic has a stronger decongestant effect than Sterimar Isotonic because of it”s higher salt concentration. When it”s sprayed into a blocked nose, the extra saltiness creates a natural osmotic effect that helps to draw out fluid and quickly relieves congestion. Copper and manganese have also been added to Sterimar Hypertonic for their anti-infectious and anti-allergic properties.

Unlike medicated treatments for nasal congestion, Sterimar Hypertonic does not have side effects and is very well tolerated. Ear, nose and throat specialists recommend it for adults with severe congestion and blocked noses.

Contains a mixture of 75% seawater in purified water.
Provides natural relief from nasal congestion caused by colds, rhinitis and allergic rhinopharyngitis.
Helps to limit the risk of super-infection from the nasal cavity such as Pharyngitis, Sinusitis and Otitis.
Cleanses the nasal passages, helping to enhance the action of other medicated treatments.

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1 bottle provides approximately 300 doses.