Human + Kind Deodorant


Human + Kind Deodorant 50ml

Everyone knows about the importance of skincare, but finding the right products for you can be quite the hassle. While some might struggle with oversensitive skin, others might not want to use unethically produced products. These are all valid concerns, and the most crucial reason Heaney’s Pharmacy recommends Human + Kind skincare. This environmentally friendly product never fails to impress our customers.

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Human + Kind Deodorant 50ml


  • 0 aluminium salts delivers 24 hours of freshness that respects skin balance. With 100% natural deodorant actives and Potassium Alum that offers effective protection against body odour, this new deodorant acts as a natural barrier that absorbs odours. Fragrance free, it will not stain. It leaves the skin hydrated and soft.Who’s it for?

    Suitable for all skin types.

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